• Coming Soon…

    Coming Soon…

    Exciting things coming this week.

    To get backstage access to Toronto Fashion Week and TIFF PR events and parties follow my posts and IG stories @mysisterknows

    Helping Elena organize her kit for TFW & TIFF!

    Blog posts to follow!!!

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  • Five Questions With… Swimwear Designer Danica Salajko

    Five Questions With… Swimwear Designer Danica Salajko

    1.What does your morning beauty routine consist of?

    My morning routine starts off like this! First I wash off “yesterday’s makeup” with Spectro Gel, warm water, and a face cloth. Then I moisturize with Nu -Trix cream.

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  • Top 8 Summer Solutions to Your Beauty Problems

    Top 8 Summer Solutions to Your Beauty Problems

    There are many beauty problems I encounter and sometimes I feel as if I’m the only one. On rainy days your hair gets frizzy and on sweltering days your makeup melts.

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  • SONGBIRD: Behind the Scenes with IT model Lark Huska

    SONGBIRD: Behind the Scenes with IT model Lark Huska

    One of the perks of being a beauty blogger, with a sister that’s a makeup artist, is I get to be on set with amazing creative people, watching them do what they do best. Whatever their respective passions are it never ceases to amaze me how a shoot comes together culminating in a collective effort. Not only is the end result a work of art, but the whole process. It’s inspiring. Over the years of being on set I’ve noticed you can plan out a photoshoot in as much detail as you want,

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In July, Elena and I introduced you to our favorite new beauty finds by Deciem – The Abnormal Beauty Company, but I saved their best product for last. Fountain was born from the idea that beauty is from the inside out. It is a liquid dietary supplement you ingest daily to amplify your beauty internally thus giving you a healthy glow and attitude throughout your day. Broken up into 3 categories, Look Good/Be Good/Feel Good, Fountain will raise the bar on any dietary or beauty regime. Look Good boosts beauty using hyaluronic acid and collagen. Be Good helps promote healthy brain function. Feel Good gives you energy to get through the day without having to drink ten cups of coffee.

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Bowie Beauty

The many made up makeup faces of David Bowie…
We take a look back at the many beautiful and artful faces of David Bowie throughout his famed career.

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Seoul Sisters

I don’t normally buy into trends especially cutesy animal shaped packaging that’s pink, but I don’t know what came over me upon learning Elena had a stopover in Seoul. This meant Korean beauty products. I searched the internet, frantically emailing Elena screen shots and links of what I wanted before her 4 hour layover ended.

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