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I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I started my career as a teenager writing band bios for an indie record label. Traveling is a passion and what’s amazing about writing is I can be with myself, the words in my head, a pen, and a notebook from anywhere in the world. I have a lip balm obsession. I need to be wearing something on my lips at all times and re-apply every half hour,though I’ve never actually timed it. I’m getting better, it use to be every ten minutes. I enjoy finding out what my sister knows, fashion, shopping, and eating (What? I’m Italian!).

About this blog…

In ItalyMost of my teen and adult years had been spent avoiding wearing makeup. Mostly because of severe acne that would flare up if I tried anything new on my skin. So needless to say when I had asked Elena for a smokey eye before a fundraiser, a few years back, she was surprised and excited at the prospect. It may seem a little odd that I then decided to start a blog about makeup.

Where’s the connection you ask? My best friend and sister, Elena Pacienza, is a successful makeup artist. She’s been in the industry since 1998 and traveling the world. I have had the opportunity to go parties, become friends with photographers and stylists, attend movie premieres and fashion shows. The exposure to the industry piqued my interest. I found there weren’t any blogs out there that I could relate to. I’m not a sixteen year old Youtube sensation trying to mimic Kylie’s pout and I’m not a mom trying to balance work, kids and trips to Sephora. I’m in my early thirties, single, Artsy, sarcastic, a unicorn in that the way that I was watching Warhol films and reading Jack Kerouac at fifteen. I felt there was a missing niche and I wanted to fill it with what I would want to read. I don’t consider myself a conventional blogger, critiquing products or judging the latest fashion. Using wit and life experiences to share my stories while still giving tips I learned from my sister, I prefer you, as my reader, to feel as if we are sitting at charming little cafe having a conversation with Elena. I may not wear, buy, or know much about makeup but, my sister knows.

*Spanky is my Nickname for my sister, Elena. You will notice it throughout my posts.

Me and my sister Elena

Me and my sister Elena

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