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“What’s this bustling energy in here?” “I know it feels like a San Fran start up!” DECIEM’s head office in Toronto’s East end has a cool energy. Elena and I could feel it the moment we walked through the door. You can’t miss the black building with the sunny yellow door. Eric, their social media guru, excitedly greeted us to take us on a tour. His exuberance was infectious. We felt like we won Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.


We were taken through the open concept office, onto the lab and factory. Everyone was super friendly, greeting us when we walked through and answered any questions we had. You can tell the staff genuinely enjoy working there. Everything is under one roof, lab, factory, packaging design, marketing, social media etc… all in one. Everybody knows each others names.

DECIEM is anything but normal. This umbrella company released ten product lines in 3 years. With a brand new store, The Abnormal Beauty Company, in Toronto (across from Trinity Bellwoods Park) and stores opening soon in Australia, Seoul, and available at Boots in the U.K. there are no signs of them slowing down.

The lab is where the magic happens. The process begins when owner Brandon Truaxe presents ideas for a great beauty product to the scientists. It is then their job to test various ingredients to bring the best possible product into fruition.



It was fun to see the factory where everything comes to life. Normally you would only get a glimpse behind the scenes, everything is always so hush hush, but at DECIEM everyone seemed happy to share. Walking into the factory you get the sweet yet medicinal scent of whatever concoction is brewing in large stainless steel vats overhead. As we made our way through Eric shrieked with excitement when we passed by a machine spurting out for the first time ever hand cream samples. It was an interesting process to see conveyor belts of matte sterile bottles being filled and on their way to labeling and packaging. Speaking of packaging, it is beautiful, streamlined, thick card stock, pantone, stark black. And cleverly states “Tested on humans”.



I knew little about the products, but as we were shown products one by one we could see this is not one of those companies that are just about pretty packaging with nothing to back it up. There is science behind everything they do, and they have awards to backup their products. Like their awarding winning Hand Chemistry hand cream which became the #1 selling hand cream at Boots U.K. after a beauty blogger said she used it on her face and it was amazing! I’ve been using it on my hands for a few days now and they are silky smooth. We didn’t feel at any point like we were being sold to or convinced of anything. Eric takes pride in each and every product. He had genuine excitement of introducing their products to new people. Describing how he uses certain products in his own regime, like NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex, which he said although it’s a serum it was so hydrating he used it as moisturizer all Winter long. As Eric took us through the products he would explain the technology and formulation and Elena would show me how she would use it. With a dollop of Hylamide Finisher series HA Blur serum on my right hand, Elena said “See how it blurs?” She had me compare it with my left and it literally blurred my wrinkles. I’m a fan! Elena added,”This is would be great in place of a primer.”

hylamide blur

Although Ele sampled a few things that she definitely wants to incorporate into her personal beauty regime, her main concern is work related. What can she use in her kit? What are the best products for a shoot? Elena can’t wait to use NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12%. It promises to “balance out color tones and skin imperfections.” And contains light refracting and camera hue correcting technologies. Ele said “great for celebrity red carpet” Also SubQ Eye Serum with immediate results “this is great for set or early morning interviews after a celebs been partying all night to combat puffiness or dark circles.” Although Photography Fluid may be better for photo shoots Elena suggests Hylamide Finisher Series Photography Foundation in translucent, golden tan, or dark tan for an everyday photo finish look.

Photography Fluid

After hearing about all these amazing products our curiosity was piqued and we couldn’t help but go straight to TABC on Queen W.



I’ve started using Hand Chemistry. Hopefully it will help my little old lady hands. NIOD Hydration Vaccine for my face. Claims to make you look twenty years younger. In four weeks I will look 14 again! I’m probably not the demographic for this product, but it doesn’t hurt to try to turn back time. SubQ Eyes serum visibly reduce fine lines, crows feet, dark circles, puffiness…. improves hydration serum immediate and long term effects of …plumping, anti-aging. In a month or two I will update you on the progress I’ve made with these products.


For a full list of all DECIEM products check out:

Instagram @10deciem

Twitter @deciem

The Abnormal Beauty Company

881 Queen Street W.

Toronto, Ontario

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