Five Questions With… Buffy Shields

Five Questions With… Buffy Shields, Hair, Nail, & Makeup Artist











1.What does your morning beauty routine consist of? (Products/Regime)

My morning beauty routine was influenced by my Mom. She always kept it simple and so do I. First I always start out with a clean face. I always make sure that I take my makeup off before I go to bed, (a very important step in taking care of your skin) and just to be sure I do this I find its handy to keep a pack of Olay Total Effects wet cloths cleansers in my bed side table. This way laziness is never an excuse. In the morning I splash some cold water on my face, brush my teeth and hop into the shower. As soon as I get out, while my skin is still moist, I moisturize with one of my absolute favorite products Bio Oil. It’s not only used for scars, stretch marks but great for uneven skin tone, aging skin and perfect for dehydrated/dry skin like my own. Also this is excellent for removing water proof products such as mascaras and eyeshadows and let’s face it, you can’t beat the low price for such an all encompassing incredible product. Because I have fair skin that is sensitive to the sun I also make sure to apply Neutrogena Ultra Dry sunscreen, which is made for the face, in at least an SPF of 60. This sunscreen is great because it does what it says and absorbs dry and not greasy. Also it does not sting around the sensitive skin around the eyes. I then stop to make a cup of tea and by the time this is done it has allowed the products to absorb into my face properly so that I can apply my makeup and get on with my day.











2.What lipstick/gloss is in your purse right now? (Brand & Shade)

I have to admit that I rarely wear lipstick/gloss. Only for special occasions when I feel the need to be fancy. Otherwise I’m a hardcore lip balm lady. I find its easy to apply without needing a mirror or a precise steady hand. Just swipe and go. I’m so addicted that I keep one within a hands reach in every room of my house and in all my purses. I use a variety of kinds depending on my mood. I love eos lip balm in Summer Fruit (the red one) for straight up moisturizing of dry lips, Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry and Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Rose and Hibiscus. The last two brands I love because the are not only moisturizing but deposit a little bit of colour without the commitment of lipstick or stickiness of glosses.

EOS Summer Fruit










3.What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

I’d have to say that the one product I could not live without is lip balm. I seriously have an addiction to it. Not only do I keep one within hands reach in every room of my house and in every purse, I actually panic when I realize I have somehow left the house without one. I know it’s psychosomatic but I swear my lips immediately start to chap the moment I realize this. My name is Buffy Shields and I am a lip balm-aholic.

4.What travel/on-the-go tip can you give to others?

The best travel/on-the-go tip I can give is to buy and carry products that can accomplish more than one use so that your not overloading your purse, carry on or suitcase.
For example, tinted moisturizer with sunscreen achieves 3 steps in one product, light foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen. Baby wipes are not just for baby bums. You can take off makeup, clean hands and feet, wipe down shoes, purses or counter tops and so much more. And finally we can’t forget my fav; lip balm. It can also be used for taming fly aways on your hair, emergency eye cream when you run out, treat dry skin and cuticles, lubricating stuck zippers, shine shoes, stop minor cuts and scratches, repair scratched cd’s! The list goes on and on.
So I guess what I’m saying is carry less that does more.

5.What’s the best beauty advice you have ever receive

The best beauty advice I have ever received was in grade 9 Home Ec. class. We had a beauty advisor come in to talk to us about makeup and skin care tips, and for some reason this piece of advice stuck. She had said to the class, “Girls, if I knew at your age what I know now about skin care, I would have started moisturizing then.” and that small bit of advice lit a fire in me. I have been moisturizing from head to toe everyday since and at 42 yrs old I still get carded at the liquor store. Seems she was right!


Buffy is with Judy Inc., Toronto

Follow her on Instagram @buffyshields

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