Five Questions With… Swimwear Designer Danica Salajko

1.What does your morning beauty routine consist of?

My morning routine starts off like this! First I wash off “yesterday’s makeup” with Spectro Gel, warm water, and a face cloth. Then I moisturize with Nu -Trix cream.

2.What lipstick/gloss is in your purse right now?

The lipstick that is in my purse right now is Revlon’s Fire & Ice red lipstick.

3.What is your all time favourite beauty product?

My all time favourite beauty product is under eye cream I keep in the fridge. If I’m out of cream, I slice different vegetables and put them on my eyes, my brow bone, and lids to create a nice bowl shape for a salad!

4.What travel/on-the-go tip can you give to others?

The best beauty travel tip I can give to others is if you are on the beach (in a Bathing Belle swimsuit), and you are starting to feel like your skin is burning even after you’ve slathered yourself in 50+ SPF, it’s time to get into the shade and have a pina colada!

5.What’s the best beauty advice you have ever received?

The best beauty advice I have ever received was from In Living Colour’s Vera de Milo (Jim Carrey) “Buffed, Beautiful, and Bitchin”

(Vegan) Burger & Fries

(Vegan) Burger & Fries

Danica Salajko is a Canadian swimwear designer who has been featured on the cover of Now magazine and on Flare.com. Bathing Belle’s rainbow polka dot suit topped Jeanne Beker’s list of must haves for Pride Parade. She isn’t afraid to push boundaries which shows in her unconventional and fun suits. This woman is so hilarious she’ll make you pee in the pool.

Official Website: www.bathingbelle.com


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