In July, Elena and I introduced you to our favorite new beauty finds by Deciem – The Abnormal Beauty Company, but I saved their best product for last. Fountain was born from the idea that beauty is from the inside out. It is a liquid dietary supplement you ingest daily to amplify your beauty internally thus giving you a healthy glow and attitude throughout your day. Broken up into 3 categories, Look Good/Be Good/Feel Good, Fountain will raise the bar on any dietary or beauty regime. Look Good boosts beauty using hyaluronic acid and collagen. Be Good helps promote healthy brain function. Feel Good gives you energy to get through the day without having to drink ten cups of coffee.

Fountain won the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in 2014 for this “clinically hip beauty supplement”, and have since gone on to create a bespoke concentrate for SPACE.NK. Apothecary. The 10X Hyaluronic Molecule keeps your skin looking plump, healthy, and happy.

I have been a vegetarian for 23 years and recently became vegan, which at times can result in fatigue due to low volumes of  B12. I have taken supplement after supplement, prescribed and over the counter, but nothing has given me more energy than Fountain’s The Energy Molecule. Part of the Feel Good line, it is high in B12 and hyaluronic acid. One teaspoon will keep you going like the Energizer Bunny. I found the results were immediate. I used to have a green tea or latte in the afternoon, but now I can power through it. These supplements are available in 11 different formulas targeting a different need and delightfully flavored so you look forward taking it. Most are vegan except for Phyto-Collagen Molecule, which contains fish oils.



Energy Molecule


Elena and I were excited when introduced to the concept, but now that we’ve tried several for ourselves we can’t get enough. We aren’t the only ones hooked. Deciem sent models walking the runways of  NYFW/LFW Fountain and they were knocking it back. Perfect add on for models, busy Moms & Dads, workaholics, people who wish they had more energy, sloths, those who are glued to their chair scrolling through Instagram, really any lifestyle would benefit.

What we’re taking…

The Hair Molecule (Look Good) – Biotin & Silicon for healthy hair growth. Great for thinning hair. I was taking biotin pills plus a spoon of silica gel daily, but this way it’s just one easy step.

The Geek Molecule (Be Good) – Supports cognitive function and mental stamina. As Elena put it “Because sometimes us creative types need a little boost ”

The Geek Molecule

The Geek Molecule

The Happy Molecule (Feel Good) – Keeps you happy and counteracts the effects of chronic and short-term stress.

The Hyaluronic Molecule (Look Good) Hydrates to smooth skin, keeps our joints lubricated.

New and already sold out on their website, The Super Hyaluronic Molecule (Look Good) boosts your beauty using snow mushroom which is known for reducing visible skin aging.

Free of artificial colours and flavours, most molecules are suitable for both men and woman. Whether you take a spoon or throw it in a smoothie, these easy to take water-soluble health and beauty nutrients range from $24-$68 CAD and that’s a beauty bargain.

Adding to The Abnormal Beauty Company on Queen West (across from Trinity Bellwoods Park), two new locations have opened up shop in Cabbagetown and Kensington Market.

Happy shopping!


Happy Molecule








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